Our Story

MCRN as a collaborative research group had been in existence for over a decade prior to 2016.  In 2016, this collaboration was formalized into a non-for-profit national research organization with the purpose of developing infrastructure to streamline Myeloma research activity nationally, thereby accelerating cure. Since its formation, MCRN has been collaborating with a number of pharmaceutical companies to bring industry clinical trials for Myeloma into Canada, design and administer its own trials that allow participation of hundreds of patients nationally. MCRN’s research activities are amplified by the creation of the a national database platform, which positions MCRN as one of the leaders in Real World Data (RWD) research in Multiple Myeloma and Related Diseases. MCRN’s bench to bedside research strategy is complete by the creation of its correlative research platform, which is supported by MCRN National Myeloma Biobank and the Database.  

MCRN operations office located in the greater Toronto area (GTA) provides infrastructure and expertise in clinical research development and administration across Canada.


MCRN brings together the academic researchers, industry partners and patientsto design research that prioritizes the patient need

MCRN research activities include Clinical Trials, Real World Data Research (MCRN Database) and Correlative Research platforms (MCRN Bio Bank).

MCRN’s expertise

  • Concept/Protocol Development
  • Central Statistical Design and Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Regulatory Management
  • Study on-site Monitoring
  • CRF Design and Data Management
  • Medical Oversight/Safety Management
  • Contract & Budget Management


Board Of Directors

The Myeloma Canada Research Network (MCRN) is comprised of a dedicated pan-Canadian group of scientists, investigators, and clinicians representing 20 centers in nine provinces. They share a common vision: to work together towards a world where Myeloma is no longer a fatal disease. The MCRN Board of Directors bring a range of expertise and knowledge to the task, and work in close collaboration with Myeloma Community at large to achieve it goals.

Darrell White, MD, FRCPC Chairman

Dr White is a hematologist, professor of medicine, and senior associate dean of education at Dalhousie Medical School. He has a long-standing interest in medical education

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Kevin Song, MD, FRCPC Vice Chairman

Dr Song trained in Hematology and then as a Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Fellow in Vancouver from 1998-2000. He did further bone marrow transplant training

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Cindy Manchulenko, BScN, RN Secretary

A native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ms Manchulenko graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing degree from the University of Manitoba in 2001. While working as a clinical research

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Donna Reece, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Director

Dr Reece is Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto and Director of the Program for Multiple Myeloma and Related Diseases in the Department of Medical

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Lorelei Dalrymple, Director

Lorelei has been very active in the myeloma community for seven years. Lorelei has held various roles in the Myeloma Alberta Support Society, including President for three years,

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Sofia Tavoularis, PhD, Director

Dr Tavoularis was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in January 2014. That same year, she retired from the Canadian Blood Services, where she held the position

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Christopher Venner, MD, FRCPC Director

Dr Venner completed his medical training at the University of Calgary and later attended the University of British Columbia to complete a specialty degree in Hematology.

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Engin Gul, BSc. MBA, Treasurer

Mr. Gul is Director of Research & Operations and the treasurer at Myeloma Canada Research Network (MCRN), a not-for-profit organization that develops and administers clinical research in Multiple

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Engin Gul, BSc. MBA

Director of Research & Operations

Julia Dobbin, BSc.

Clinical trial specialist

Molei Fu, MSc.

Data Manager/In-house Monitor

Esther Masih-Khan, PhD

Esther Masih-Khan, PhD

Database Manager

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