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Transform myeloma research in Canada to accelerate cure


Develop and conduct innovative Phase I-III clinical trials and translational research in a collaborative manner aimed at improving patient outcomes in multiple myeloma and related diseases

Develop a correlative research platform supported by a national Biobank to advance the translational research capacity

Develop a national Multiple Myeloma database to position MCRN as a leader in Real World Data research and understand treatment patterns of myeloma patients in Canada

Publish evidence-based and peer reviewed consensus statements on the diagnosis and treatment of myeloma

The Network

MCRN infrastructure brings together centers of excellence across Canada to collaborate in designing future of myeloma research. MCRN plans to expand its membership from the centres 11 to 30 centres in 2019.

  1. Eastern Health Network (Memorial University)
  2. Nova Scotia Health Authority (Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre)
  3. Horizon Health Network (St. John Regional Hospital)
  4. McGill University Health Centre
  5. Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
  6. University Health Network
  7. Cancer Care Manitoba
  8. Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (Saskatoon Cancer Centre)
  9. Alberta Health Services (Cross Cancer Institute)
  10. Alberta Health Services (Tom Baker Cancer Centre)
  11. Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (UBC)

Advantages and benefits

MCRN was established to facilitate accelerated start -up, rapid recruitment and cost-effective, clinically-relevant trials in Canada.

The MCRN advantages Include:

  • Accelerated start-up
  • Rapid accrual
  • Cost effective management
  • Quality of results
  • One-stop access to Canada’s network of myeloma investigators and academic centres
  • Proven track record
  • Collaboration with international experts
  • Patient-centric research

MCRN’s clinical trial portfolio continues to grow as a result of the advantages MCRN offers to both academic and Industry partners.

With the launch of the MCRN National Database, we will now be able to better gather patient outcome data from across the country to identify the optimal treatment approaches, using real-world evidence.

The national database will also help support public funding decisions with real-world data that will provide compelling clinical evidence to confirm the superiority of a novel treatment or combination.

Ultimately, research conducted in this collaborative, entrepreneurial setting promotes the advancement of clinical research and dissemination of results at an accelerated pace in Canada

Network Expertise

High-risk disease
Minimal residual disease .Mechanisms of resistance .Cell therapy
Drug target evaluation